September 24th 2013 .... Arkansas Highways Department Wildflower                                         Beautification Program Phillip Moore                                                                                            

June 25th 2013.....Creature Feature with Little Rock Zoo


May 28th 2013.......Trees 101 Dr. Don Culwell


April 23rd 2013......Chimney Swifts Dr. Vickie McDonald, an                                               Associate Professor of Ornithology at UCA

Will talk about the Chimney Swift, a bird which has a big connection to the group as we are building the first chimney swift tower here in the Bay.


March 26th 2013 .......Dan Smith

Dan Smith will share his experiences from his recent birding trip to ColombiaSouth America.  He and a childhood friend decided the time was right to visit the country with more birding species,1880 at latest count, than any other. They visited the Caribbean coastal areas and the Santa Marta Mountains, an area with many endemic species and the highest mountains in Colombia.  Dan also visited the various habitats around the Colombian capital of Bogota.

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